STC’s are Supplemental Type Certificates. Basically, these are FAA approved modifications. Sometimes there are hundreds of STC’s available for one type of aircraft. Overhaul time is a perfect opportunity to see what your options are. Click here to lookup STC’s by make and model on the FAA’s Website.

Here’s a few popular examples of STC’s:

  • Rubber gasket to seal the case halves – Ly-con Rebuilding in CA offers this for some Lycoming cases. Ordinarily, shops are stuck using silk thread. I’m not kidding.
  • Turbo Normalizing – Maintain sea-level power at altitude. Western Skyways in Colorado offers this for Bonanzas and 200 series Cessna aircraft.
  • Bigger engines – Put a 300hp engine in your Cessna 182 for example. Many shops have STC’s like this. RAM Aircraft has the largest selection in TX
  • Looking for something specific? Email and I’ll find it for you. There’s a mountain of STC’s out there.

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