Pratt & Whitney JT15D Overhaul Cost

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Pratt & Whitney JT15D Overhaul Cost

ModelHSI*TBO*Overhaul Cost
by Yourself
Overhaul Cost with
Overhaul Bids
JT15D-1/A17503500$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-1B15003000$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-4/B17503500$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-4C7501500$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-4D17503500$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-5/5R18003600$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-5A17503500$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-5B22504500$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-5C12502500$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-5D17503500$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000
JT15D-5F15003000$275,000 to $575,000$250,000 to $450,000

Disclaimer – prices are for reference only. We’ve given a wide range to accommodate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overhauls along with the many factors that can influence price between models. 1st run engines will be on the low end and 3rd runs will be on the high end. It is possible that engines may cost less or more than the min/max values provided.

*TBO & HSI might be different in certain conditions.