3 Levels of Overhaul Value

There are 3 levels of overhaul value. I rank them from highest value to lowest value.

  1. Name-Brand Shop Overhauled Engine – If you go to sell your airplane, odds are you’ll be asked where you got the engine overhauled. If you got it overhauled from a shop the buyer considers a trusted and reputable shop, this adds value. Examples of name-brand shops are Western Skyways (CO), Poplar Grove (IL), RAM Aircraft (TX), and Penn Yan Aero (NY).
  2. Unknown Shop Overhauled Engine – If your aircraft buyer has never heard of the shop who overhauled your engine, or is unsure of their reputation, this decreases value.
  3. Field Overhaul – A field overhaul is usually done by a local mechanic. Any FAA certified mechanic with a powerplant rating can sign off an overhaul. Engines with complex gear reduction systems and engines with integrated superchargers require an inspection authorization due to being considered major repairs (See 14CFR 43 appendix D). Anyway, They ‘ll have to send off most of your parts and components to shops who have the equipment to ability to overhaul them but the mechanic will be the one to inspect and reassemble them. While you may hold your local mechanic in high regard, the eventual buyer of your airplane might not. Some buyers will discount a field overhaul entirely and value your aircraft as if it’s hit TBO. Ouch! But, if you have a low value aircraft like a 150, 152, or ErCoupe, most buyers will probably be ok with a field overhaul. Don’t try it on a Columbia, Cirrus, or any other newer or high value aircraft.

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