Removal and Reinstallation

Before you can get your engine overhauled, you have to arrange the R&R (removal and reinstallation) which can range from $1-6k per engine. If you’re shipping your engine, your local FBO or shop will do this work or recommend someone who can. Otherwise, most overhaul shops perform R&R’s too. I recommend you ask the person doing work how many of R&R’s they do a year and if they have experience with your aircraft. There are as many horror stories of R&R’s as there are overhauls.

Overhaul shops have an interest to do the removal and reinstallation work so they know it’s done right. Because of this, they might give you a bargain price to entice you to use them.

Usually the person who does the removal and reinstallation will evaluate if you need replacement parts not included in the engine overhaul. These parts often include new baffles, engine mounts, and hoses.

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